How To Disable Firewall On Linksys Wireless Router?

Setting up a wireless router is easy. In essence, turn off your cable or DSL modem and your wireless router. Then the router to the modem with a cable, connect and turn on the modem. They are more or less finished. The wireless network wizard on your computer, you get the router and if your ISP has no special requirements, far-you-go, you are on the Internet.

When you are finished, make sure all the lights are lit on the desired router. Open to using Safari or another browser. Enter “” (without quotation marks and how) in the address bar and press the Enter key on the keyboard. If you are prompted for a username and password, enter it and click on the OK button. By default, the user name and password for a Netgear router is “admin” and “1234”, or (depending on the router model vary), unless you have changed. If you change and enter the credentials are changed.

To access the IP address, the method is very common that begins with the same type in the address bar of your browser. With the pressure, proceed with changing the settings to calculate options. For this, your browser needs to support the requirements of a Web standard. You can create a user name and a password by going to configure the device.

Each IP address is a series of numbers that together in groups of three and separated by a dot. IP addresses are in the range to are private. It should be noted that the non-routable private addresses, resulting in a single device is connected to a network, a particular address will use means.

The “key” is about the password of the wireless network. Who with the wireless connection you need to know. Normally, you should put it in your computer once and then he will remember.

Once you have selected a router folder, go to the Wireless tab and click on the Wireless Security tab. Everything you do now entering exactly the same type of encryption and to have button, you can easily setup the router 1. After you have set the encryption type and enter ybur DD-WRT modded router that is all you need to do to to apply the settings. You need a wireless connection between the Linksys WRT160N Linksys WRT54GS hypertext and have. Now connect via a wireless connection with the DD-WRT router modded and make sure that your Internet connection.